I Heart Newspapers!

Yay! Recently took delivery of Changing Lanes, a newspaper I designed for Boing Boing in association with the University of Brighton and community groups in Hastings. The booklet outlines a Resilience Framework designed to support young people to manage life when it’s tough. The application of the framework discussed in the booklet is based on research carried out in Hastings, East Sussex and examines the work of several organisations set up to help young men overcome adversity. When briefed to design a booklet, I knew that newsprint was the perfect medium for this project. I was like a kid in a sweetie shop when the batch of newspapers arrived…as was my client! 

Winnie the Pooh used to be one of favourites as a child and when I was recently asked to design a print for a Pooh themed nursery using a special Shel Silverstein poem, I was over the moon. I dusted off my old Pooh Bear books and got doodling, it was a joy to work on. I loved the print so much it had to be prized from my own hands! It was lovely to hear how touched the family were when they received their one off print and I love knowing these special words will be cherished and hung with pride of place in the twins nursery. For more information about Pen&Pringle prints, feel free to drop me a line at jen@penandpringle.co.uk

How neat is this idea. Transform an old pair of shoes with a neon pen - simples. We love a bit of neon we do. x

Source: Paper&Stitch

Cards are so yesterday. Say it with letters.  

Long gone are the days where I could spend time on my hair. Nowadays all I have time for is naturally dried beach hair or a bird’s nest of a bun…basically messy hair. This spring time braid with the addition of a few flowers is a cute do that takes seconds yet makes you feel a little less of an unkept mummy!

Envelopes can be pretty boring. The poor things simply hold a card and then get discarded. What a waste?! Well we’ve got a First birthday party to go to today and I couldn’t resist trying this animal envelope idea. Who’d want to throw this tache wearing bunny away?!

Hanging bunting in the home has been done to death over the last few years but it really is a cute way to add an instant lift to an interior space. I love this quirky alternative to bunting using colourful straws - a great way to brighten up your happy home for sure! 

Source: Mommo Design

I can’t wait to make some story stones for Hughie! Story stones are a great way of story telling and they enable your little ones to determine the storyline and be more than just passive listeners. Simply collect some decent sized pebbles, gather some favourite books and pick out images from the books you’d like to paint on your stones. These will then be your visual prompts to create your own unique story! Happy painting peeps!

Source: Crafting Connections

Well that’s the last time I listen to the weather forecast! I’m sure these weather people just lick a finger, stick it up in the air and then go live with their forecast. Today was supposed to be pants, but it has been glorious. We’ve had a fun day of summer lovin’ in the park with Hughie’s pals. The perfect way to start the bank holiday weekend. Wishing you all a lovely long weekend peeps - enjoy! x